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A short winter break in New York – ’12/’13

My notes got spotty there. For Winter 2012 / 2013, this is all my log says 🙁 “misc new york – letchworth? really haven’t done too much 🙁 did some snowshoeing, two weekends” but hey! Letchworth is super pretty! And winter in Abraham Lincoln Park and Durand Eastman Park really do showcase some of the nice outdoor places here. I’ve got some photos. Join me for a brief stint here?

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Shadow Pines – August 15, 2020

Nathan had hurt his ankle a little bit, so I asked Levi if he just wanted to do some geocaching. He agreed, and I decided to just look for a place on the map it seemed like it had a whole bunch of geocaches that we could easily get to and still walk around without needing to expect a “hike”. What I ended up finding was a golf course that is now owned by the town of Penfield, Shadow Pines. It’s entirely undeveloped; that is, it’s just basically been let go from being a golf course and has been minimally

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Weekend in Niagara, October 20-21, 2012

So, somewhat hilari-fully, the below paragraph is the entirety of what I wrote (or at least that I can found) about a weekend trip I took to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada with my parents a few months after I moved to Rochester: “My parents came out to visit for a few days a couple of months after we’d moved out to Rochester. They actually picked the last nice weekend of the year, so I suppose I have them to thank for bringing the nice weather! During their trip out, I went with them for a quick weekend over to Niagara Falls, and

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Webster County Park – August 8, 2020

I have a whole new laptop and the world is mine. In trying to clean and streamline my digital life, I’m seeing if I can get back to doing this! We’ll see if I fill in the interim (hahahhaha who knows); I also am playing with a whole new photo pipeline in the last few years. Anyway, in the summer of the corona virus and with a child actually old enough to do stuff with…we’ve been going outside a lot. Here, we did 2.5 miles on the Red Trail, some fireroad, and the Midnight Trail at Webster County Park. Overall

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