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Reagan Library, March 31, 2012

November 26th, 2015 by

Summer has turned well into fall. I quit my job a bit ago, so really it seems straight up shameful to not be writing a few of these while I have the time. Let’s presume that soon enough I’ll be back to being a busy-bee, so, might as well do some of these 🙂 Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to you all!

But the point of this post? Why, nothing but a trip to the Reagan Library, back in March 2012. We’re terrible at spur of the moment stuff, but somehow, while sitting around wanting to do something, came up with the idea to head out to the Reagan Library, which neither of us had ever been to. It turned out quite engaging, as soon as you subtracted some of the “rah rah Reagan” rhetoric 🙂

laid to rest

Some pictures and commentary