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Channel Islands – July 2011 – Day 2

Today we went and picked up our new canoe! We learned the art of actually tying it to the car, and went out paddling for a few miles. We saw some ducks, swans, a turtle, and some powerboats, and also some nice fall colors, so a totally legitimate breakin ride , I would say. But….somehow we now have to *travel back in time*, to the second day of our time in the Channel Islands, in which there was walking, and foxes! I am sure there is a view right…over…there

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Channel Islands – July 2011 – Part the First

Summer is mostly over – today is a great weather day, but the leaves are turning, you know? At least compared to LA, it makes all the apple / corn / pumpkin stuff make a bit more logical sense 🙂 Anyway, I got a little bit of teasing about writing these up so many years later, but they’re as much for me as for anyone else, so no skin off my back. Summer 2011 was really nicely outdoorsy, so here we have another bit of it – the first day of our trip to the Channel Islands. Nathan and I

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Arroyo Seco Gabrielino Trail to Brown Canyon Dam – July 16, 2011

Totally presumed that we would have some down time to relax after the wedding. So far, that hasn’t happened. Mostly good stuff though – some house stuff done, a karate belt test, work (well, that’s been a… mixed bag), and then another upcoming wedding this weekend, and then a few days in Cambridge and then almost a whole month at home! Anyway! Three long summers ago, I went on a nice walk up the Arroyo Seco with Joe, and we ended up at the Brown Canyon Dam, which I’d never seen before. We were mostly out to take photos and

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