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WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Third, Backpacking

Summer has come waltzing in, and it seems to be a pretty hot week here. I like it. My plants are growing well – the tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers are all flowering. It’s getting pretty close to wedding season, and between that and the house, we haven’t managed to go out and do all that much so far this season (though we did manage to make it out to Corbett’s Glen Nature Park for an hour or two today. Hooray!). We’ve stained and sealed some borrowed patio furniture, which is kind of like going camping, except entirely different. So

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WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Second, a Photographic Interlude

Not so much going on of late – we put in a raised bed and I put out my seedlings. Good times, but not quite as exciting as being in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula 🙂 So…where were we? After our first couple of days and having dinner in Forks, well…we set off to the next part of our trip. More beaches and more trees – yay! (This post is rather photo heavier than normal – just too many for me to pick from, too many I loved. Apologies!) I think perhaps my favorite photo from the whole trip.

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