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Hurricane Ridge, Olympic NP

When I went up to Seattle in September of ’07 for Grant’s wedding, I took the opportunity to get in a little bit of hiking. Not, alas, as much as I would have liked, but there was definitely some outdoors I got to see which I enjoyed a great deal. Anyway, on Sunday, September 23, 2007, Amittai, Zoz, and I headed on out to Olympic NP, via car and ferry, and headed on up to Hurricane Ridge. Zoz wasn’t able to stay the full time, but Amittai and I did a walk that my GPS tells me was 5.8 miles,

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Look! It’s a glacial valley….purty. My whole family went on a cruise to the southwest bit of Alaska from Aug 26 – Sep 2, 2007. We departed from and returned to Seattle, WA. While I have to admit that a cruise wouldn’t have been my first choice of how to see Alaska for the first time, it was actually kind of cool. Though I did hear one person refer to it as a “tasting sampler” and I kind of have to agree. I want to have a chance to get back and explore the things I saw. And this was

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