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Archive for June, 2007

Death Valley. Oh boy, Death!

June 20th, 2007 by

For New Year’s 2006, I went to Death Valley National Park with Erin, Joe, Kate, Vikash, and Dan. (All hail Kate for planning it!). We went up on the 30th and came back on the 2nd of the new year. We car camped, and drove around, and looked at sand, and low places, and salt, and canyons, and had a pretty amazing time all around. Anyway, this entry is pretty long, all apologies.

dry heat indeed.

Darwin Falls, Panamint Springs, Panamint Dunes, Badwater, Natural Bridge, Ubehebe Crater, Mosaic Canyon…whew!

Grizzly Flat, Angeles NF, December 23, 2006

June 13th, 2007 by

For the holidays (pick your favorite, but it was probably Hannukkah for my family), I got a new GPS toy! (the garmin etrex venture Cx, very shiny). So I had to go out and play with it. I’d gone geocaching once with a couple of friends, which it looks like I never wrote up, but I thought it would be fun to go play. Admittedly, I mostly wanted to use the GPS for mapping, but it seemed a reasonable thing to go do.

As it was two days before Christmas, everyone and their mother was gone, so I decided to play it fairly safe and do a really short, really close little hike. After looking through my Trails of the Angeles (now getting well worn!), I decided that Grizzly Flat would be ideal. It’s more or less the first trailhead up Route 2, so only about 8 miles from the freeway, and is less than 5 miles total, and checking at geocaching.com informed me that there were 3 caches on the route, so off I went. So, I walked ~5 mi total (both parts) and a few hundred feet of gain and loss, but nothing crazy.

pack it out, indeed.

My bit of walking around