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July 27th, 2004 by

the mt wilson hike being such a giant giant lose induced me to actually start running again, so i did that fairly assiduously for a few weeks. then i went on the ben overturff hike, and while i wasn’t quite as good with the uphills as i might have wanted to be, and then the wasps hurt me 🙁 which i have since recounted elsewhere. then the third little one i went on with rax. it was really short. but fun.

and i’ve been going to karate once a week. there is actually a lot mentally going on with that, but , oh my god, ftso putting all one’s angst into livejournal. if y’all care, i could go one for ever and ever and ever. actually, i would like to talk to someone about it, so give me a ping if you care.


my notes files tells me:

04.25.2005 Mt Wilson (i lost) (12 mi round trip, 3600′ gain)
Hike #44 in Hikes of the Angeles. First we accidentally headed
up to sturtevant trail, then had to go back down to pick
up the lower winter creek trail. i only made it
maybe a mile up the trail, then couldn’t breathe at all.
bah. eva, jolivier, rich wildman, others.

06.19.2004 Ben Overturff Trail (Wasps!!)
p 657 in California Hiking, Trails of the Angeles #48
Went up Sawpit Canyon Fire Road (1.3) miles to junction,
bore left to follow trail up. At 2.5 miles, hit Twin Springs
Canyon Junction, started to bear left to go up to cabin.
About 200 yards up the trail, right at the first switchback,
wandered right into a freaking swarm of wasps. Got pretty badly stung
, ran away screaming, threw self into small brook. Went back down via fire road,
(~1.5 miles), for a total of ~5.3 miles, and 1100′ feet elevation gain.
Went with Jason Rolfe, who then took me to the hospital and waited with me.
~25 stings, and a giant abrasion on my right upper thigh/buttock.
Leave from Monrovia Canyon Park in Monrovia.

07.17.2004 Eaton Canyon Falls
3 mi round trip. ran into sara klamo, parisa, and heather from the bercaw group
and further on ran into nate and his family
nice little hike – a little hot, but fairly shaded.
started at the eaton canyon nature center (right up altadena) and it is
a short hike up a fire road, then up the creek bed once you reach the bridge
until you get to the falls. they are pretty; there was nice pool at the bottom,
even at this date. turned around and came back.
p.655 in california hiking

Edited to add :

annabarr: Eaton Canyon - July 17, 2004 &emdash; eaton-falls
The falls were pretty low that day! Unsurprising.