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Archive for February, 2004

random update, long time in a coming.

February 9th, 2004 by

haven’t done much lately. hikes files has two things i never put in here though:

10.29.2003 one was the canyon, look up in trails of the angeles

11.29.2003 Bridge to Nowhere
8.5 miles round trip, Hike #xx in Trails of the Angeles
went with caltech y, eva, jolivier, older
avery faculty wife, and bunch of froshen.
1000 foot total elevation gain, many many stream crossings
much much chaparal, when not following stream exactly. saw bungee
jumpers at bridge

enthralling, eh? the canyon hike was kind of neat, we hiked to an abandoned mine, and kept going on, trying to get to this random saddle (it is really odd to have both ups *and* downs to hike.). the bridge to nowhere was actually really cool. it is this remnant of a highway, and you are just walking along, and suddenly, bam, a bridge. so strange. pictures are:
right here

all older though,. haven’t gone hiking since then. think i will try and go in a few weeks. there will also be a short hike on the visiting weekend, i should make sure to do that. i did some karate when i was in boston over new years, and i managed to break my toe. eit eit eit. i had actually started running and going to the gym for a week, week and a half before i went on that trip, but needless to say, that got totally derailed when i got back.

what i have been managing to do for the last two weeks or so is get some actual exercises in every night before i go to bed, some crunches pushups squats stretches whatnot. i’ve been upping it slowly every night, and it is making me feel like less of a total slackass. i’ve even been seeing some minor effects, which is nice. that is all for now.

i really want to start swimming again, but first i need to overcome laziness and get some swedish goggles so i stop having
to be stupid wicked careful with how i place the goggles with respect to my eyebrow ring.

Edited to add :

annabarr: Bridge To Nowhere - November 29,2003 &emdash; approaching-bridge