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Archive for September, 2003

September 17th, 2003 by

went to tang soo do. interesting. weird to go to a korean instead of japanese style.

also, they were all “ah, so you did karate for 2+ years? we’ll make this much more difficult than it would be for a normal person at their first class”. “fun”. also fun. many things were very similar (just how to get power, but many of
the kicks too, although delivered from a different stance). might even be a little closer than what i really want ( i’m seeking something *not* like isshinryu, so i don’t get everything all confused in my head). will go to a few more classes i think.

also, pasadena is even flatter than cambridge. biking in the streets is weird, but i am doing it anyway!

why did i?

September 3rd, 2003 by

boston was all karate. got one more workout than i expected, due to turning over to fall schedule. so we went from T–>M workouts, so i got that last monday class. it was good. i’ve now been force fed the last bit of chinto kata. hopefully i will be able to self motivate and work on it on my own, or i *will* lost it all. although i will at least get some karate next week, i believe.

put my bike together this morning, and proceeded to go out a bit. downhill is great. oh, but my, do i suck at uphill. must conquer this. cannot be a bike weakling, can i? anyway, there is a bike path that goes right next to I-5, and skirted on the other side by the los angeles river. “river” i mean. have you read snow crash? where vitaly’s band plays? the la river. right. actually, there were lots of birds. i was surprised. watching ducks try to dive when they can only go down like 4 inches is funny. their butts stick out….

anyway, went a few miles, then the path ended. came back through griffith park. went to the ranger station, and asked if any of the trails were open to bikes, which they aren’t. but, this is kind of neat, it is because the bikes scare the *horses*. i can deal with this as a reason. and hey, people here ride western style. maybe i can even ride again.

vague plan to hike up mt hollywood tomorrow. complete with water fountains! or something. we’ll see.