Blog - September 2003

went to tang soo do. interesting. weird to go to a korean instead of japanese style. also, they were all “ah, so you did karate for 2+ years? we’ll make this much more difficult than it would be for a normal person at their first class”. “fun”. also fun. many things were very similar (just how to get power, but many of the kicks too, although delivered from a different stance). might even be a little closer than what i really want ( i’m seeking something *not* like isshinryu, so i don’t get everything all confused in my head). will

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why did i?

boston was all karate. got one more workout than i expected, due to turning over to fall schedule. so we went from T–>M workouts, so i got that last monday class. it was good. i’ve now been force fed the last bit of chinto kata. hopefully i will be able to self motivate and work on it on my own, or i *will* lost it all. although i will at least get some karate next week, i believe. put my bike together this morning, and proceeded to go out a bit. downhill is great. oh, but my, do i suck

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