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Archive for July, 2003

did it

July 19th, 2003 by

yay new belt. well, some brown e tape on my belt. but that makes it new. test was a bitch, as i expected. commentary afterword was…enlightening, in that entirely muddled way.

dave is right though, they want something from me, for me to grow or change in some way. we’ll see. i think i understand what they want, but working towards it will certainly be a challenge. i think i have a good basis on which to stand now though. very sad, not so many classes left with the club.

but srinivas was there for the test! and chris came for the last couple of classes, and we haven’t seen him for 5-6 months, since just before his kid was born (understandably)

time flows

July 15th, 2003 by

saturday karate. worked a lot on some minutiae of kata, also they made me teach a bit. what, they are getting me ready to test? you don’t say. shocker, that.

was in so much of a snit yesterday that i needed to run off to the gym to run a bit, so i did that. no real set time or distance, but it ended up being a few miles. and on no food!! yay smart lifestyle choices!!

the hits just keep on coming

July 9th, 2003 by

monday, another 30 minute treadmill love fest, at 5.2 mph, so, marginally faster.

tuesday, 1 mile at 5.4mph, which seems to be a good speed for now that i can play with, then karate.

today, no running cause i went to the beach before karate. good class; we gave borthwick-sensei dorky texas baseball cap we got him, that has borthwick-sensei embroidered on the back. he liked. 🙂

TESTING. July 19th, noon-2, wrestling room. scary scary. come watch them make me do hard things.

the sun

July 7th, 2003 by

on friday the 4th, before the socializing started, i went and took the path along the river out past watertown (so, a 14 mile + epsilon loop). i had never ever seen the little dam in the river just beyond watertown square before. it was a great morning, and all these people were out enjoying themselves. it was warm, and i was going fast (well, for me), and it was just remarkably amazing to be alive and young and outside.

saturday i went biking with yak, down to the blue hills, then through the reservation, and then i caught the T at quincy adams. maybe 12 miles biking total, more or less. i totally suck at hills (well, going up them), so getting through roslindale and some of the park kind of sucked for me. but downhills roxx0r!! especially on trail rather than road. even though my bike isn’t the hottest piece of shit extant, i can still suddenly appreciate just *why* i like having a mountain bike. the way it owns the ground, and gives you so much control of what you are doing is so amazing.

i must endeavor to remember this everytime i am going really slow on pavement and start lusting after a speedy slinky road bike.

oh ja, on the first ride i did manage to get a little bit of burn on the back of my shoulders. but hey, it has devolved into tan already. yay swarthiness. or something. perhaps “whee!!! skin cancer and wrinkles, here i come.” but whatever. yeah.

in little circles

July 3rd, 2003 by

running, still only treadmill. did the whole half hour though, at 12 minute miles, so , 2.5 miles.

this makes my longest nonstop run (aka slow jog) to date.

my heart still gets going pretty fast, although it recovers to a low rate very rapidly.

an hrm would be a neat thing to own.

couple of days

July 2nd, 2003 by

yesterday, went sailing again with jenny. dwight suggested she take out the new tech dinghy, so we got the shiny boat, that also handled a little funny. i also got a boathouse card. i *am* a winner. of course, i’m only rated to swim. but whatever.

yesterday and today were karate. smallish classes; a lot of people are out of town. no class on saturday, as the z center is closed for the holiday weekend. banks sensei is the only one of the senseis around, so class has a slightly different timbre. a good one. also ran a bit before class today (treadmill, didn’t feel quite up to braving the mid-afternoon sun). i’m in pisspoor running shape, will have to do more of that. did ~1.5 miles, in about 18 minutes. i would like to be able to get up to 3 miles or so, at least at a 12 minute mile, and work up speed from there.