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a little bit here

i continue to claim a vast plethora of social events as the reason for my slide into utter decay…. sunday at peeto’s bbq i managed to juggle balls (well, sacks) for the first time in my WHOLE LIFE, and this was very exciting. i would have done martial arts monday, but the gym was closed for memorial day… and because i couldn’t do martial arts, i would have swum or worked out, but i couldn’t, because the gym was CLOSED for memorial day. pfui. tuesday i just didn’t do squat (well, i baked, but that don’t count). but yesterday i

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i continue to be stupid lame. i think too many social events and nasty weather are conspiring against me. wednesday i did karate. and thursday i swam, which was a lot of fun, because it devolved into jenny hu and i acting like 7 year olds, and squirting each other with water and all sorts of fun. she also showed me how to do flipturns again, which was cool. i would guess i swam ~1000 yards. i know it was at least 800, and then i swam a bunch more but wasn’t keeping track.

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last thursday i went with the late night sailing crowd (jenny hu convinced me to go….) and got hit in the face with the boom as i was getting into the boat. “ouch”. fortunately, the bruise and the cut are healing up nicely…. friday i did in fact go to aikido before descending into the ethanol induced haze of the rest of the evening… the aikido class was a lot of fun, it was much smaller, one brown belt, three blue belts, and me. we did a lot of stuff in rondori (sp?) style, which means one person in the

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that’s a negatory, captain

ok, so , monday , karate + aikido, went about as normal. jake participated in kumite (sparring) for the first time. i need to work a lot on that. i wonder if i should compete in kumite at the tournament though, or just stick to kata? hrm. and then aikido. the first half of the class was as normal, then they had their testing. very different than our isshinryu ones. people are tested one at a time, first for ki, then for knowing things. then they have ukes come up to practice throws against, then they have a freestyle section.

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green bathtubs (and mt. liberty)

yesterday karate workout was keen. only me and dave and the three senseis, which meant they didn’t have to work on the ever-slightly-more-basic things they work on with the lower colored ranks. which of course meant it was bitch hard, but it was nice to get the attention. i mean, i love teaching, but still. today , me and jake and benazeer went hiking. we were going to climb mt osceola, but jake being a bit or a doof, failed to check that the road that went TO the mountain was open yet, so instead we went back to my

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a moment

may 8th:1200 m swim today: replaced punctured tire on bike (tire died on ride home from dangerhaus last night). patched punctured tire to create spare. cleaned and lubed bike a bit. funfun. hooray for tire levers!

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well damn

a little bit of biking, but really only too/from boston. went to both karate and aikido. very very tiring karate workout, i was getting really close to my “gah, want to pass out now” limit. which is probably good for me. i’m also noticing for the first time a definite increase in my flexibility, which i am really enjoying. i wonder if the ballistic stretching from aikido is helping? cause i haven’t really noticed much from ~2 years of karate stretching, but it could have been that it has been incremental and i am just noticing now…. they are having

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swam today, but only 900 meters, as i started to get a fairly bad stitch in my side. i keep staring at bananas in la verde’s on swimming days, and then not getting them. eit. must increase potassium intake!! also finally went to aikido again. a bit sad that i haven’t been able to go in more than a week, but that’s life i guess. it was a smaller class today, the first time i have been to one this small, and that was kind of cool in it’s own way. i should also be able to go tomorrow, but

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on sunday, i swam 1400 meters. it is cool that on the weekends they actually open up the lanes the long way. it is much harder to have only half the breaks. but probably good for me. i had one of those “euphoria” moments at about 1100 meters, the kind you get when/after running, when the endorphins kick in. it only lasted a little while, but it was cool nonetheless.

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not so much

weekend fairly low key. mudwrestled on friday, which was enormously fun. although getting *all* the mud off took more than a day….. that stuff is really pervasive. also, wrestling caused my wrist issue to really flare up again. but i got at least 10 really positive comments over the course of the evening, so i guess it was worth it 🙂 karate on saturday, which was jake and katherine’s belt test, so i mostly sat in the back and tried not to fall asleep (due to roast activities of night before). i did hold a pad for katherine to do

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