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Duck Pass to Duck & Pika Lakes – July 13-15, 2012

2012 really was the best summer in many ways. We did so many awesome things! This winter of 2017 is…less awesome. We are, to date, doing fewer things. Oh well. This should get better with time. However, again, five and a half years ago, Joe and Nathan and I drove up to Mammoth to go on a backpacking trip… In which we are somewhere beautiful

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Yosemite + Ten Lakes – September 2011

Hey! Happy Halloween. It’s a good Friday to finish up a post, right? We had maybe 15-20 trick or treaters tonight – I don’t know if being on the corner and thus “far” from the bulk of the houses, or it simply being a drizzly evening kept the kids away, but who knows. Next year I’m pondering lighting the heck out of the house…or at least the walkways. Might as well have fun occasionally. Other than that…yup. Leaves and weather falling. Travelling a bit coming up in December. Getting some new basement windows next week. Oohyah! I mean, it’s good,

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WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Third, Backpacking

Summer has come waltzing in, and it seems to be a pretty hot week here. I like it. My plants are growing well – the tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers are all flowering. It’s getting pretty close to wedding season, and between that and the house, we haven’t managed to go out and do all that much so far this season (though we did manage to make it out to Corbett’s Glen Nature Park for an hour or two today. Hooray!). We’ve stained and sealed some borrowed patio furniture, which is kind of like going camping, except entirely different. So

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WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the First

Well, it’s still May, so if I get this out soon, I’ll still be on track to post at least once a month, though still so very far short of my desire to try and catch up with at least a post a week. Oh well. We’ve moved into our new house, and I went to California, and the weather turned amazing, which basically means we’ve been mowing the lawn. And I’ve been luxuriating in the fact that the outside has not been trying to cause me to suffer, which is really rather refreshing. Anyway, however, let me travel briefly

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South Lake to Dusy Basin – July 16-17 , 2010

Well. We wanted to go on a backpacking trip. It was going to be two nights out, with a short-ish second hiking day, so we could have some time to explore Dusy Basin. However, when we finally got up there, the weather was definitely turning south on us. Oh well, I guess them’s the breaks when you head up into the Sierras. Instead of a day to explore Dusy Basin, we ended up hotfooting it all the way back to where we started. Joe didn’t want to get his feet wet, I guess!

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Road Trip – Part the First, June 2010

On June 16, 2010, just a day or two after graduation, I embarked on a road trip, leaving LA and heading north on the I-5. As my brief photo introduction says, it was 15 days and 3666 miles , three states, several parks, lots of birds, and general good times. I got up to Seattle in a zig-zag, and came straight back down in a tearing hurry, and it was pretty awesome. At the top of the cinder cone, I was pretty wrecked

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Yosemite NP : Valley to Clouds Rest Loop, September 15-17, 2009

As part of a trip to Yosemite for a wedding (with the rest of the trip to be written up next), I took the opportunity to go on a two night overnight backpack, since it seemed a waste to go all the way to Yosemite without having some time to enjoy it. I scheduled my research proposals exam to be a week and a half later, such that I was able to turn in my props just before leaving, but would have enough time to worry about them when I got back. For this trip, I started in Yosemite Valley

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Arizona – March 2009, Part the Third and Last

After leaving the national monuments, we headed east, to Petrified Forest National Park. We backpacked one night in the wilderness northern portion of the park (the part north of I-40, more or less, which the park straddles), and then walked around in that area for a bit, before returning to our cars and heading south to the southern parts of the park, before heading to Phoenix for our final night in Arizona, before all heading home.

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Arizona – Part the Second, A Brief Interlude – March 2009

After we headed out of the Grand Canyon (March 27), our primary next goal was the Petrified Forest National Park, but we took the opportunity to stop in a couple of locations along the way – Wupatki National Monument and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. The first is the site of a large pueblo, and the latter is, well, a crater. Both were quite impressive, well worth a stop.

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Arizona – March 2009: Part 1 – Grand Canyon

I’d wanted to go out to Arizona for quite some time, with the primary goal to be seeing the Grand Canyon. Short of stopping through Phoenix airport, and the tiny corner of the state you drive through to get to Zion, I’d never even been in Arizona at all before. Erin and I drove out on March 25, 2009. We met up with Alex, Beth, and Dave just south of the Grand Canyon. We spent two (cold) nights camping there, doing a day hike in the canyon. We then drove out to Petrified Forest National Park, stopping on the way

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