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California – May 2013

My notes, again, from these couple of years are pretty shady, but this is what I have… Whew. Sounds like quite the mad rush of a weekend, doesn’t it? Looking over my images, have pictures from some of this, but not a whole lot of the rest. Alas and alack. I never want too many photos (too hard to ever come back and really look at them again), but then when you do come back, the holes are sadly apparent.

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Duck Pass to Duck & Pika Lakes – July 13-15, 2012

2012 really was the best summer in many ways. We did so many awesome things! This winter of 2017 is…less awesome. We are, to date, doing fewer things. Oh well. This should get better with time. However, again, five and a half years ago, Joe and Nathan and I drove up to Mammoth to go on a backpacking trip… In which we are somewhere beautiful

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Mammoth and Yosemite, June 2012

Hey I had a baby! …18 mpnths ago. There are lots of photos of that elsewhere. Some five and a half years ago, however, I drove up with Nathan and his parents towards the mountains. Man, I miss the California mountains. This was one of our last few trips before moving to New York. In which we doddle around the Sierra

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Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats – June 10, 2012

This winter is still a bust, more or less, though it looks like we might be getting a hair of a promise of winter on the horizon later this week? Who knows. Anyway, life proceeds apace. Doing various work here and there, not getting out anything like at the level I’d like, but…oh well. People visiting, putting the house together, and just getting stuff done one day at a time! Not too bad. So…instead, perhaps I can do a bit more of the things I used to do, back when I lived near mountains and good weather. In June 2012

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Disneyland May 29, 2012

Heh. California dreaming much? Though really, this Rochester winter is a bust so far. Of course, that means that I am jinxing it, right? Anyway, let’s wind up this time machine again, shall we? So….What can I say? I took the opportunity to take Nathan to Disneyland before we moved away from Southern California. Kip and Glenn were awesome and took us, and I would say that we had, you know, fun. As the kids say. Nowadays. Anyway, we went out for the day and hit both DCA and the Magic Kingdom. Let’s photo!

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Mt Baden Powell – May 27, 2012

Happy week after Thanksgiving, friends. Some cold virus has taken it upon itself to fell me most thoroughly this week, so sitting here typing this is one of the more energetic things I’ve done this week. Baby steps! Anyway, a horrifyingly long 3.5 years ago I went on a hike for my birthday, and got to meet up with Dan on his trip over the PCT. I’d gone up Baden-Powell a few times before , but that doesn’t make it a less cool hike to go on. We also saw people flying in gliders. It was a beautiful day. (ETA

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Reagan Library, March 31, 2012

Summer has turned well into fall. I quit my job a bit ago, so really it seems straight up shameful to not be writing a few of these while I have the time. Let’s presume that soon enough I’ll be back to being a busy-bee, so, might as well do some of these 🙂 Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to you all! But the point of this post? Why, nothing but a trip to the Reagan Library, back in March 2012. We’re terrible at spur of the moment stuff, but somehow, while sitting around wanting to do something, came up with the

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San Diego, March 2012

Not so much to really write up – Jenn was down in San Diego for ACS, and convinced me to come down for a day. So I did! I took the train down, from Union Station, which I hadn’t done before and I really enjoyed – the first part runs through the industrial areas behind union station, and the last part runs along the beach (basically right next to I-5 as it comes into San Diego). Highly recommended. With Jenn, I hung out, saw some other people, crashed the poster session at ACS, and basically went home the next day.

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Snowshoeing at Mt. Baldy – March, 2012

We’ve had a few days of weather reminding us that fall is approaching, and term has started already for Nathan, but the summer weather appears to be back for a few weeks now. So, in honor of appreciating the last few weeks of summer, let’s talk about snow in LA, yes? March 18 – 2012, I went with Jenny, and we went and walked around at Mt. Baldy a bit (around Manker Flats, the waterfall, and the fireroad). It was another example of the variability I love to see in the outdoors you can experience in the greater LA area

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Joshua Tree – Christmas Day, December 2011

How…did I not post this? Ok, so, we’re coming into the end of summer, work’s being all a thing, and hey, it’s time to get photos, blog, and everything in order, right? Right? Yeah, I buy it. So! I went looking for the next post, and I saw this title in the drafts, and realized it had never been posted so now it is horribly out of order, and I shudder with shame. Please absolve me. I realize that I likely didn’t write this up because, well, I have never had much written up for it. Long and short of

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