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Boston / Monadnock September/October 2011

Happy Almost New Year! It’s been a busy few weeks. I flew to California (NY –> OAK, OAK–>BUR, BUR–>OAK, OAK–>BUR) and then headed on from there to Wisconsin, and then finally back home, two weeks after starting. It was nice to see the cat again. But I made a mild , what’s that word, resolution last year to try and post at least one blog post per month, so here we have it! It’s just about time to wish all and sundry a happy new year, but before that, I’m going to put up this post about a trip to

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green bathtubs (and mt. liberty)

yesterday karate workout was keen. only me and dave and the three senseis, which meant they didn’t have to work on the ever-slightly-more-basic things they work on with the lower colored ranks. which of course meant it was bitch hard, but it was nice to get the attention. i mean, i love teaching, but still. today , me and jake and benazeer went hiking. we were going to climb mt osceola, but jake being a bit or a doof, failed to check that the road that went TO the mountain was open yet, so instead we went back to my

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