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Mammoth and Yosemite, June 2012

Hey I had a baby! …18 mpnths ago. There are lots of photos of that elsewhere. Some five and a half years ago, however, I drove up with Nathan and his parents towards the mountains. Man, I miss the California mountains. This was one of our last few trips before moving to New York. In which we doddle around the Sierra

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Yosemite to Mammoth – September 2011 – An Interlude

Hey! We’ve got new basement windows. I’m oddly delighted for something so mundane. BRING IT ON WINTER. Actually…no, I am going to have to walk that back. I would much rather hunker down in Southern California from November to May, but well, since that doesn’t seem to be an option this year, at least I can have twice as many panes, and far few window cracks (and no tape based repairs) on our basement windows this year. Oorah. It’s the little things. Anyway, where we were? Ah, right, I had just finished up a quick backpacking trip to Ten Lake

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Road Trip – Part the Last, June 2010

After the many adventures on the way up, I did finally make it up to Seattle. I spent a couple of days there, and then a couple more, adding time in for repairing the car, but it was a good chance to see friends.

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Road Trip – Part the Third, June 2010

In the first parts of my trip, I left Los Angeles and wound my way north through California, from the Bay Area, up to Lassen Volcanic Park , and then north to Lava Beds National Monument. From there we headed north into Oregon, heading to Crater Lake National Park. After that , Jen had to head back home, and after a farewell at the Klamath Falls Airport, I headed west, continued up the Oregon coastline, and eventually made my way to Portland. Newport Bridge – one of the many excellent bridges along the coast

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Road Trip – Part the Second, June 2010

We left off, having just left Lassen National Park, and we headed off to the next part of our trip – up into the north east corner of California to Lava Beds National Monument, stopping at the way to look at a truly lovely waterfall. Schonchin Butte, in Lava Beds NM

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Road Trip – Part the First, June 2010

On June 16, 2010, just a day or two after graduation, I embarked on a road trip, leaving LA and heading north on the I-5. As my brief photo introduction says, it was 15 days and 3666 miles , three states, several parks, lots of birds, and general good times. I got up to Seattle in a zig-zag, and came straight back down in a tearing hurry, and it was pretty awesome. At the top of the cinder cone, I was pretty wrecked

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Driving from Seattle to Los Angeles, May 30 – June 1, 2008

Well, having just returned from a two week roadtrip, it’s time to come back and start writing up other trips from two years ago 🙂 And here we have a two day road trip from Seattle to LA, driving with Amittai as he headed down for his summer internship. Needless to say, this ended up being fairly amusing. (this is as mentioned in the prior post, but I’m amused at some of the photos). necessities

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