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San Gabriel River Bike Trail – May 8, 2010

April 7th, 2012 by

In brief, Joe was like “dude, I have this new bike!” and I was like “let’s go ride bikes!” so we went out for a bit of a ride on the San Gabriel River Trail. Joe was still a bit new to riding bikes at this time, and I hadn’t ridden in a while, so it was all good. Of course, over the next few months Joe went all “hard core cyclist” as he is wont to do when he tries new things, but still 🙂 I think we probably did about 21-22 miles total.

Looking north up the bike route.

Some more, you know…more

why did i?

September 3rd, 2003 by

boston was all karate. got one more workout than i expected, due to turning over to fall schedule. so we went from T–>M workouts, so i got that last monday class. it was good. i’ve now been force fed the last bit of chinto kata. hopefully i will be able to self motivate and work on it on my own, or i *will* lost it all. although i will at least get some karate next week, i believe.

put my bike together this morning, and proceeded to go out a bit. downhill is great. oh, but my, do i suck at uphill. must conquer this. cannot be a bike weakling, can i? anyway, there is a bike path that goes right next to I-5, and skirted on the other side by the los angeles river. “river” i mean. have you read snow crash? where vitaly’s band plays? the la river. right. actually, there were lots of birds. i was surprised. watching ducks try to dive when they can only go down like 4 inches is funny. their butts stick out….

anyway, went a few miles, then the path ended. came back through griffith park. went to the ranger station, and asked if any of the trails were open to bikes, which they aren’t. but, this is kind of neat, it is because the bikes scare the *horses*. i can deal with this as a reason. and hey, people here ride western style. maybe i can even ride again.

vague plan to hike up mt hollywood tomorrow. complete with water fountains! or something. we’ll see.

the sun

July 7th, 2003 by

on friday the 4th, before the socializing started, i went and took the path along the river out past watertown (so, a 14 mile + epsilon loop). i had never ever seen the little dam in the river just beyond watertown square before. it was a great morning, and all these people were out enjoying themselves. it was warm, and i was going fast (well, for me), and it was just remarkably amazing to be alive and young and outside.

saturday i went biking with yak, down to the blue hills, then through the reservation, and then i caught the T at quincy adams. maybe 12 miles biking total, more or less. i totally suck at hills (well, going up them), so getting through roslindale and some of the park kind of sucked for me. but downhills roxx0r!! especially on trail rather than road. even though my bike isn’t the hottest piece of shit extant, i can still suddenly appreciate just *why* i like having a mountain bike. the way it owns the ground, and gives you so much control of what you are doing is so amazing.

i must endeavor to remember this everytime i am going really slow on pavement and start lusting after a speedy slinky road bike.

oh ja, on the first ride i did manage to get a little bit of burn on the back of my shoulders. but hey, it has devolved into tan already. yay swarthiness. or something. perhaps “whee!!! skin cancer and wrinkles, here i come.” but whatever. yeah.


June 15th, 2003 by

karate sched changed, so there was class tuesday and wednesday, also saturday. that’s about it, other than biking hither and yon.

a bit more rare

June 7th, 2003 by

friday in brief, was gorgeous. i biked 12-13 miles, i think. out with yak to the minuteman, and a couple miles down it, then i turned back. i chose to come back along the new fresh pond bit of bike path, which was exceedingly nice. later went sailing a bit. the person before us had messed up one of the knots in the ropes attaching the boat, so we had to wait a bit for people with pliers (!) to come and undo it. but then out on the water, nice and relaxed….

today, karate. matt basically sat me down and told me what i have been saying, that i need to keep just a bit more control, in light of the upcoming tournament. so, i have this huge bruise. (of which i may post a photo later, just for posterity). but apparently, when sparring with dimitri, i ran into a kick of his hard enough to fracture one of his toes 🙁 🙁 🙁 major suck. i certainly didn’t mean too, and dammit! since i had to wear pads, he should have as well. both with no pads, or both with pads, but the dynamic of mixed sparring is just wrong. and, and, and, yeah.

but after class today i stayed to watch a sho-dan testing for american jiu-jitsu, which was testing 3 people, including ken clary. well, not testing, a promotional, but grueling either way. really really neat to watch. i could see aspects of both the karate and the aikido i know, with whole lots of other stuff as well. and there were even some funny bits! when someone is trying to mug you, one of the things you want to do is sort of back away and talk them up and make them think you are harmless before you go for it. watching this is simulation is fairly entertaining. one of the sets had them being “attacked” twice in a fairly small period of time, and one of the guys was all “hey, dude, back off, didn’t you just attack me 2 seconds ago…?”

anyway, was all good.

a moment

May 9th, 2003 by

may 8th:1200 m swim

today: replaced punctured tire on bike (tire died on ride home from dangerhaus last night). patched punctured tire to create spare. cleaned and lubed bike a bit. funfun. hooray for tire levers!

well damn

May 7th, 2003 by

a little bit of biking, but really only too/from boston.

went to both karate and aikido. very very tiring karate workout, i was getting really close to my “gah, want to pass out now” limit. which is probably good for me. i’m also noticing for the first time a definite increase in my flexibility, which i am really enjoying. i wonder if the ballistic stretching from aikido is helping? cause i haven’t really noticed much from ~2 years of karate stretching, but it could have been that it has been incremental and i am just noticing now….

they are having an aikido belt test on monday, which i will watch. i have never seen one, and apparently spectators are also participants, in that they are the uke for the testees being nage.

also, DAMN, there was a lot of sweating. i weighed myself before and after (3 hours of) classes. i lost 1.5 lbs straight up. i also drank 1 L (2.2 lbs) of water in that time period. damn. that’s lots of sweat.


April 30th, 2003 by

i spent a couple hours this morning messing with my bike. i took off the back wheel and really cleaned out the cogs and spacers, and attempted to flush the grit out of the cassette. i have a giant pet peeve of hating it when my bike makes noise. so, i did this, and i put it back together, and it runs a fair bit more smoothly, but the cassette is noisier than it was 😛 i think i don’t have the right kind of lubricant for it – one of the maintenance books suggests light motor oil, so i will see what i can find. alternatively, i could go to broadway or somewhere and ask them.

when i went out, i noticed my rear brakes were being loud, and realized i forgot to toe them, and i did that and it got a lot better. in fact, the grip on the back wheel is now >> the grip on the front wheel, so i should probably realign those pads as well.

karate today was fun. me jake and katherine were the only kyu ranks there, and they are both testing on saturday, so i got the brunt of the “friendly” commentary. but it was good. since i have finished with the technical requirements for my rank, i get some nice time to work on little dumb things. and banks sensei gave me some help with hook kick (which i love) and inside crescent kick (which i loathe). target practice always helps. although i accidentally kicked him in the chest. “oops”. we both started giggling. we get along pretty well.

no aikido; i had to babysit. ah well. at least i did bike to babysitting and back.