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Alaska, the final portion – August, 2012

January 20th, 2018 by

Winter continues. Levi has been sick for the last several days, which, well, winter, I guess? Oh well. Anyway! Where were we? We’d gotten to Alaska, gone on a spectacular kayak camping trip for a few days, and have now found ourselves back in Seward…

We took a train with windows!

We spent some time there

Alaska, The Kayaking Portion – August 2012

January 14th, 2018 by

Well then! Winter here, several years in the future. The snow all melted in a quick 2.5 day burst of 55 degree weather, but last night dumped another foot back – at least all the ice melted out of the gutters. Small things.

But I left off in Alaska, where we had arrived down in Seward, and were about to set off on the kayaking portion of our trip…

Kayaking in a very big outdoors


Alaaaaaaaaaaaaska – the intro, August 2012

January 6th, 2018 by

In an effort to pare like a million photo post into 200k, 600k, and 200k photos posts, I’m going to break this one up. Section herein the first details everything up to the kayak trip…

In which we head to Alaska and there was landscape

And lo, our journey begins


February 16th, 2008 by

Look! It’s a glacial valley….purty.

My whole family went on a cruise to the southwest bit of Alaska from Aug 26 – Sep 2, 2007. We departed from and returned to Seattle, WA.
While I have to admit that a cruise wouldn’t have been my first choice of how to see Alaska for the first time, it was actually kind of cool. Though I did hear one person refer to it as a “tasting sampler” and I kind of have to agree. I want to have a chance to get back and explore the things I saw. And this was only the tiny little bit in the southeast, we didn’t even get to “mainland” Alaska at all!

In brief, there was gorgeous scenery, I won a couple hundred dollars at the slots in the casino, thus extending my “winning streak” to two occasions, I had a great massage, I ate too much food, my family totally cleaned up at trivia (I think I was the only one who was playing of all the teams who knew that the chemical symbol Ac came first alphabetically….anyway). and did I mention the scenery was fabulous and I need to go back?

Anyway, I digress. So let’s begin.

Beginning / Glacier Bay / Juneau, Icefield, Mendenhall Glacier / Sitka and Sitka NHP / Ketchikan / Victoria, Seattle, and home!