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A short winter break in New York – ’12/’13

My notes got spotty there. For Winter 2012 / 2013, this is all my log says 🙁 “misc new york – letchworth? really haven’t done too much 🙁 did some snowshoeing, two weekends” but hey! Letchworth is super pretty! And winter in Abraham Lincoln Park and Durand Eastman Park really do showcase some of the nice outdoor places here. I’ve got some photos. Join me for a brief stint here?

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Snowshoeing at Mt. Baldy – March, 2012

We’ve had a few days of weather reminding us that fall is approaching, and term has started already for Nathan, but the summer weather appears to be back for a few weeks now. So, in honor of appreciating the last few weeks of summer, let’s talk about snow in LA, yes? March 18 – 2012, I went with Jenny, and we went and walked around at Mt. Baldy a bit (around Manker Flats, the waterfall, and the fireroad). It was another example of the variability I love to see in the outdoors you can experience in the greater LA area

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Mt. Baldy – February 27, 2011

Today we had a housing inspection. That’s one step closer to buying a house, I imagine? Anyway, there was plenty of snow there, so, it’s time to talk about snow, right? Nathan and Jason were going skiing at Mt Baldy, and I decided I wanted to go outside as well! So I took the opportunity to go with them, but to try out snowshoeing up in that area. I rented some snowshoes the day before, and that morning we drove out to the mountain. It was really quite lovely, with a lot of snow decorating all the area. We were

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Snowshoeing – January 16, 2011

Happy almost New Year! It’s that time of the year, where I like to think about winter sports. Unfortunately, the snow has come…and gone again, and not really bothered to come again yet. We’ll see. Anyway, a couple of years ago we went up to the San Gabriels to play around with some snowshoes. It was pretty. It was also the day after I had just gone up Baldy, so it was pretty lowkey. start your engines….

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Snowshoeing Mt. Baden-Powell – March 20, 2010

In brief, Joe called me up, and said “let’s go snowshoeing!”. I agreed, and we headed up to Mt. Baden-Powell. And then as the song says, we “marched right up to the top of that hill”, but then, we glissaded down again. This was my first experience with glissade, and I loved it. Loved. It. Amazing. Would do again. follow the footsteps

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