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Biscayne National Park, November 10, 2007

September 9th, 2008 by

Wow. Ok. Last November, a mess of us went to Miami, FL. As always, I tried to hit up National Park Service facilities, and the first of these that I noticed was really close to Miami was Biscayne National Park

This was me, Erin, Laura, Peter, Laura’s friend Sara, Cassandra, Aletta, Richard and Beth. Or at least that’s who I have photos of, and we were there on November 10, 2007.

Snorkelling at Biscayne

the numbers, they grow

April 28th, 2004 by

swam 750 yards (30 laps) this morning. ariele (one of the people i TA with) came with, although she left early because she was ill. she seems psyched to swim though, and we are going to go again friday morning (we both TA too early tomorrow morning) and this is probably a good thing. i miss swimming with jenny (and occasionally amittai) but having people around who have a stake in you going, at least to some marginal extent, is *huge* impetus for me to actually keep up with things. and i really like swimming, and i’m even willing to bet that it is pretty good for me.

it is just impressive that i can go to the pool at 7.30 am, swim for a while, then go home and still not be motivated to get up and go anywhere. bah. anyway. ta!

April 26th, 2004 by

500 yard swum this morning. whee! before it got too hot, too.

karate this evening; more enjoyable that normal. normal sensei wasn’t there, one of the new dan rank guys is, and i really liked him. and also this other sensei who trained with the collamer-jones dojo in new york, which also follows master shimabuku , and not master angi uezu. who is also an amazing karateka, but yeah. you get used to certain styles of things. davila-sensei, out here, is just a bit too , i don’t know. something. informal, maybe.


June 11th, 2003 by

this is easier if i do it daily. ah well.

swam on monday, 1000 yards. i only really do crawl and breaststroke, interspersed with using the kickboard and leg floaty thing (ie, restricting your use to your legs and your arms, respectively). i actually feel like i might be improving my strokes a little, which is good. no swimming this week though, cause the pool is closed. 😛

karate yesterday. more of the same. my kata is progressing reasonably. matt gave me some more good comments which i hope to be able to incorporate today. one of the things i want to work on the most is to just pick a speed to perform the kata it, and stick to it. i rush when i’m performing for judges, and then go too slow when i’m just doing it for commentary. and i need to work a couple of my stances more. but it seems to be progressing.

i wonder if wren-sensei and heath-sensei in berkeley will have anything to say about it. especially wren-sensei. she is amazing!

thinking about technique

June 5th, 2003 by

wednesday. another half mile warmup run. then karate class. then swimming with miss hu (1000 yds).

karate, you know, class. i got some good chances to offer some commentary and help, and also time to work on my own stuff. comments matt made to me after last class about my kata for the tournament were really helpful and let me make a couple of big changes. apparently i would start with good focus on techniques, but as i would do them, my attention would drift to my techniques. so, when i went through the kata deliberately trying to avoid that, i had this amazing moment of “wow! i can see much less of my techniques!!”. this was kind of neat, as i totally hadn’t realized i was doing it, and this was nice affirmation that i was now doing it better.

we also practiced sparring again. i do actually seem to be getting better, at least better than when i started , a year and a half ago or so. we don’t really practice all that often normally, so this higher level of practice is good. dimitri punched very well at my arm though at one point, i have a giant dark bruise this morning to show for it. but i did very well, i beat both him and james. sparring with james (a yellow belt) was kind of interesting. he is quite good for his beginning level, all things being equal, but from my vaunted quasi-intermediate type level, i very much felt like i was much more aware of what was going on in our bout. not that i was necessarily in *control* of it, not the way the senseis can be, but i was actually in control of what i was doing, and responding fairly well to what he was doing, such that i actually responded to opportunities and scored well that way.

annabarr: Wounds &emdash; Bruise

Edited to add – and here is that bruise I received. Yeesh. In the karate club I go to now, we only spar with pads. That’s some bruise! (I think this is the same bruise) 11/23/2013


May 24th, 2003 by

i continue to be stupid lame.
i think too many social events and nasty weather are conspiring against me.

wednesday i did karate. and thursday i swam, which was a lot of fun, because it devolved into jenny hu and i acting like 7 year olds, and squirting each other with water and all sorts of fun. she also showed me how to do flipturns again, which was cool. i would guess i swam ~1000 yards. i know it was at least 800, and then i swam a bunch more but wasn’t keeping track.

a moment

May 9th, 2003 by

may 8th:1200 m swim

today: replaced punctured tire on bike (tire died on ride home from dangerhaus last night). patched punctured tire to create spare. cleaned and lubed bike a bit. funfun. hooray for tire levers!


May 6th, 2003 by

swam today, but only 900 meters, as i started to get a fairly bad stitch in my side. i keep staring at bananas in la verde’s on swimming days, and then not getting them. eit. must increase potassium intake!!

also finally went to aikido again. a bit sad that i haven’t been able to go in more than a week, but that’s life i guess. it was a smaller class today, the first time i have been to one this small, and that was kind of cool in it’s own way. i should also be able to go tomorrow, but then monday they are having a belt test, and i can’t go this friday or next wednesday, so tuesday next week will be the only learning day next week. ah well. seeing the testing should be a lot of fun and a cool experience in itself, as i have never seen an aikido test before.


May 5th, 2003 by

on sunday, i swam 1400 meters. it is cool that on the weekends they actually open up the lanes the long way. it is much harder to have only half the breaks. but probably good for me. i had one of those “euphoria” moments at about 1100 meters, the kind you get when/after running, when the endorphins kick in. it only lasted a little while, but it was cool nonetheless.


May 2nd, 2003 by

swam 1300 meters (or maybe yards. i can’t make anything tell me how long the short lengths are in the big z center pool). stan showed up for his swim at some point too.

walked from davis to harvard.